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Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance

Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance

AC maintenance

Air conditioning in your vehicle is an essential part of preserving your own comfort, and oftentimes, safety. Yet we overlook it's importance within the context of auto repair because it is seen as "non-essential". This leaves our clients in a predicament where they are driving around with compromised A/C units; but not any more! With Gate 2 Tire & Auto Center, your vehicle's A/C unit will be maintained as it should be, in order to provide you with the best quality climate control around!

What is Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your car's air conditioning unit is built to last forever. Each time you use it, debris, grim, and fumes run through the system and , gradually, it will wear down. Air conditioning maintenance is like any other vehicle maintenance service. We assess the parts of the air conditioning unit for any signs of damage or stress, and if we see any we correct it. When your car's air conditioning wears down, it doesn't take too long for you to notice. That's why Gate 2 Tire & Auto Center recommends regular air conditioning maintenance.

Why Should I Get Air Conditioning Maintenance?

When your vehicle's air conditioner begins to go, your car will be unable to produce the quality of air conditioning that it had been capable of in the past. It may even stop working all together! Regular maintenance to your vehicle's air conditioning unit can help to prevent this unpleasant phenomenon before it's too late.

You're car's A/C system is like any other part of the vehicle, but it is often over-looked, in favor of more "essential" system maintenance and repair work. However, we know that maintenance is less invasive, expensive and time-consuming; and certainly, while your engine's health is more essential to the overall functionality of your car then it's A/C, you can't deny that on a summer day when the humidity and heat are at their all time high, that your air-conditioning seems pretty important.

How Do We Perform Air Conditioning Maintenance?

We will check the whole system, including the fan(s), intake, A/C evaporator and condenser, cabin air filter, fan belt, refrigerant, and more. We will assess your vehicle's air conditioning system and repair or clean out whatever parts may not be functioning at their best.

Remember, this is maintenance for a reason- we are here to ensure that your air conditioning unit is able to continue operating to it's fullest potential and to prevent any disturbances that would otherwise lead to necessary repairs. If your unit is already broken, please take a look at our A/C repair services.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at Gate 2 Tire & Auto Center, or contact us online. We're here to help those near Grovetown, GA, Fort Gordon, GA, Harlem, GA, and surrounding areas.

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